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How in the hell am I going to get this all done today? 

I’m doing my best but it won’t be as good as I know I can do, but everything needs my attention now.

Well, I can cancel that doctor appointment, forget about Billy’s baseball game, and let the hubby take Jane to her piano recital.  I’ll swing by the drive-through to pick up dinner.  Dang!  I’m getting a migraine. How in the hell am I going to get this all done today?

Sound familiar?  Too much on your plate today?  Or most days?  Finding yourself completing job tasks and commitments just passable?  What happened to your high work ethics and standards.  And why are you still putting yourself last?

You’ve heard it before, but unless you take care of yourself FIRST, nothing will get done.  And you’ve also heard how important it is to prioritize.  What do I absolutely have to do today?  Can’t do it?  Get help! 

Delegate to co-workers, the hubby, the kids, friends, neighbors.  Make a trade, do a barter.  And learn.  Learn to not stretch yourself so thin that you’re going to snap.

If it doesn’t give you joy or is in the best interest of your HIGHER SELF, that is not priority. 

If you’re working so hard to buy more stuff, that is not priority.  How are you going to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for if you’re dead. 

Or, really, do you want to spend all that hard-earned money on a therapist?  Get real here.  Get honest.  Live from your heart, your intuition, your gut.  Your ego-centered head will tell you

that you need all that shit because the Jones’ have it and what will they think?  Wanna know the truth?  The Jones’ don’t think about you.  Get out of your ego. 

They’re too busy in their own rat race.  And if they do talk down to you or about you, it is because of the insecurity they feel about themselves.  Really.

So make a date with yourself to reevaluate your living and work conditions, but more so, reevaluate yourself.  How do you feel about yourself? 

Do you love yourself?  Appreciate yourself?  Are you proud of yourself?  Do you have peace and tranquility in the midst of everyone’s drama? 

Because the lack of planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on your part.  Hold your head up high.  Set your boundaries. 

Do the best you can each day without killing yourself. 

Be proud of and love yourself for that.  You’re worth it!

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