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What to Tell Myself When I’m Feeling Discouraged

  1. This is tough.  But so am I.

Unless we get out of comfort zones, we’ll never overcome our challenges.  I bet if you try, you’ll find it wasn’t as bad as the negative self-talk in your head told you it would be.  Yes, you might fall a few times and get a scabs and scars.  But you get up and try again and you do it.  You’re tough!

2.    I may not be able to control this situation.  But I am in charge of how I respond.

Actually, we have no control over people, places or things, so we pretty much have no control over anything.  This is an important thing to remember as you plan out your strategy.  YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL.  No expectations, no disappointments.  Just do your best with honesty and integrity.  If you feel yourself getting riled up, take a short pause, breathe, assess the situation.  See, you didn’t have to react.  You didn’t have to lower yourself to a level you’ll regret later and go through over and over and over in your head, “Why did I react that way?”

3.    I haven’t figured this out…yet.

But you will if it’s meant to be.  The seed has been planted, not by coincidence, for you to grow and learn.  Do your best.  Ask for help.  If the answer doesn’t come, perhaps, you’re not ready to hear it, Grasshopper.

4.    This challenges is here to teach me something.

Everything in our lives come to us to teach us.  To help us grow.  To move to the next level.  A challenge can suck if you look at it that way while you’re sitting on the pity pot.  Please don’t spend the rest of your life sitting there.  Boring.  Or you can look at your challenge as an opportunity, again, not by coincidence, but perfectly timed and orchestrated in your symphony of life.

5.     All I need to do is take it one step at a time.  Breathe.  And do the next right thing.

So simple.  So easy.  So healthy.

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