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It’s not my responsibility to make sure others are responsible.  Why, you say?  Because how have you got to the level of intelligence you’ve achieved today?  By learning.  By trying.  By failing, getting up, and doing it again.  Why would you want to deprive anyone from their growth, knowledge and journeys?  It is not your responsibility.  It is not your business.

It’s not my job to rescue people from their drama.  Same thing.  How will they learn that drama doesn’t serve them?  How will they learn they don’t have to have drama in their lives?  You can always be there for them, with open arms and attentive ears.  But do not rescue or they will never learn.  

It is okay if others get angry.  Can you realize that when others are angry, it isn’t at you or about you?  It’s about them!  Where they are in their lives.  How they feel about themselves and their lives.  Anger comes from fear.  What are they afraid of?  Looking bad?  Why do they have to lash out at you?  To make themselves feel better?  Think about it.  Not your circus.  Walk away.

It’s okay to say No.  And, by the way, “No” is a complete sentence.  You have self-worth today.  You are no longer the door mat.  You are worthy of respect.  If you don’t want to, say it, or suffer through your fear of saying no until you are sick and tired of being the door mat and you set up your boundaries.  In the end, you will gain way more respect for saying “no” that by always putting yourself last.

It’s my job to make me happy and figure out what brings me joy.  It’s not mom or dad’s job.  Not your teacher’s or boss’ job.  They have all been on their unique journeys through life that have formed their own opinions.  You can listen attentively to their opinions and suggestions, but, in the end, you will have to form your own.  That which fits YOUR highest good.  You have to live with your choices, not them.

It’s not my job to think, feel, or live for others.  We are all individuals with unique gifts and our own journeys through life.  These journeys have brought experiences and interactions that no one else has been gifted.  These experiences and interactions have created feelings in us, uniquely, and those feelings have become our thoughts, uniquely.  It is how we look at life, at others, and ourselves.  How could you ever think, feel, or live for others unless you have walked in their shoes?  Not your job.  Not your responsibility.  Not your business.

I have a right to my feelings no matter what anyone else feels about my feelings.  Of course, you do.  They are your unique feelings from your unique life.  Feel them.  Own them.  Defend them.  If others cannot respect your feeling, that is THEIR problem, not yours.  By the way, it’s not their business.

No one else has to agree with me.  That’s the beauty of being human.  We all have intelligent brains with which to make personal choices.  Again, stemming from our journeys through life.  And we have a wonderful Constitution that gives us the right to express our very own opinions.  We shall never all agree.  Life would be pretty boring if we did.  We don’t have to war over differences of opinion.  Just acknowledge them, form your own, and speak your truth!

No one has the right to verbally abuse me, and that includes family, friends, partners and coworkers.  Dang, we’re are all equal on this planet and all from the Human Race.  We all deserve respect.  The Golden Rule, yeah?  Do unto others?…  Verbal abuse can be more harmful that physical abuse as it cuts into your soul, your being, and affects you forever unless you make the effort to let it go.  Again, learn from it, thank it for coming and teaching you, the kick it as far the hell away from you as you can.  BECAUSE you are worth better and NEVER EVER let anyone tell you otherwise.  Again, their problem, their demons.  If it doesn’t stop, you’ve got to get away.  Be safe.  Be at peace.  It’ll ruin you by taking away your self-love, self-worth and well-being.  Don’t let that happen.  EVER.  Not by anyone!!!  Side note:  especially yourself.

It’s not okay to enmesh with my thoughts, emotions or other people.  Don’t believe everything you see and hear, especially if it’s coming from your own head in the way of negative self-talk.  We create that imposter syndrome by growing up in an unhealthy environment of greed and power.  Thus, we shall never live up or be good enough.  NOT TRUE!  Let that bullshit brainwashing go.  It doesn’t not serve your well-being.  Live from your heart, your gut, your intuition.  It never lies.

It’s okay to spend time alone without explaining myself.  YOU are the boss of YOU, noone else.  Not your partner, kids, family, friends, or boss.  Keep it simple.  “I want to be alone” today, period.  More than likely, no one will question your statement, but if they do, a simple “I deserve some me time.”  Smile and walk away.

I do not need permission to be who I am, think what I think, or honor me.  In a democratic society, we have the gift to do that.  In other societies, they can do that in their heads, but not express it.  Therefore, how lucky are we to live in a free society to be who we are, hopefully, who you were meant to be.  Again, that is your right so never let anyone take that away from you.

Other people have every right to not like me or disagree with me, but they do not have the right to disrespect me. It seems there is an abundance of disrespect these days.  Too many people on the planet bumping into each other.  Both parents working the rat race leaving children to teach themselves respect?  Not gonna happen.  The vicious cycle of parents coming from a home of disrespect and ego-centered, selfish lifestyles that seem cyclical?  Who knows.  It is what it is.

But keep that in mind when someone does disagree with you.  They can, you know.  That’s their right.  Freedom of speech.  And you can disagree with them.  Works both ways.  But disrespect isn’t part of our Rights.  No one should disrespect you, no matter what.  But they will.  At which time, you calmly breathe, turn around, and walk away.  Never allow yourself to lower yourself to their level of disrespect.  Or they win.  You are better than that!

I have a right to end draining conversations and relationships.  Try to practice living with rigorous honesty.  Try practicing that in your conversations.  It does not have to be harsh or hurtful, but sincere and honest.  Only you have control over what you allow in your life.  Keeping negativity from it will serve you best.  Just do your best.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Know the peace and freedom that you deserve.

I know I am enough.  I am doing my best.  I live with honesty and integrity.  I set my boundaries.  I get more comfortable in my skin each day.  I have self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love.  I will never allow anyone to take that away from me.  I am unique with special gifts that no one else on the planet has.  I am grateful.  I am humble.  I am enough.