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One of the key paradoxes in Buddhism is that we need goals to be inspired, to grow, and to develop, even to become enlightened, but at the same time we must not get overly fixated or attached to these aspirations.

If the goal is noble, your commitment to the goal should not be contingent on your ability to attain it, and in pursuit of our goal, we must release our rigid assumptions about how we must achieve it.  Peace and equanimity come from letting go of our attachment to the goal and the method.  That is the essence of acceptance.

I am not a religious person; however, I have a Higher Power of My Own Understanding today in my spiritual life.  I know that I have no control over people, places or things, and have turned my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power.  With that comes the acceptance that everything, and I mean everything, happens with purpose and without coincidence.

Seldom do I have to rail against the fact that life is not as I wish it would be.  Again, I have no control, just faith.  I also have no expectations; therefore, no disappointments.  I go with the flow of life, try to live in the moment, and take things as they come…without coincidence.

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