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   …because the normal to which we return is now being called “the new normal.”  I truly hope that these months in lockdown have afforded you the time for reflection, offering you ample time away from “normal” life to assess who you are, what is important to you, the state of our country, humanity, the world.

   My journey in lockdown has afforded me time to think, to check in with my gut, as to why certain news keeps being placed on my plate (I believe, not by coincidence).  I now see, as I’m sure many of you do as well, that what we see and hear on news broadcasts and social media is swayed by the owners of these companies’ agendas.  Most of it is not to our best interests.  

   A pandemic that was not as deadly as we were feared to think.  Months of psychological suffering without income and holed up with our children who need social interaction with their peers.  Wearing masks and social distancing that benefits mainly the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  Destroying our economy, our dreams, our self-worth.

   I believe it is all part of the big plan.  The global plan.  Financial ruin.  Violence. Mental anguish.  Fear.  All making us turn violent and ugly or begging our government for salvation.

   Please don’t let them win.  The globalists.  Everything is playing out just as they have planned for decades.  All coming to fruition.  They are rubbing their palms together, salivating in delight.

   Together, non-violently, we can speak our truth (at least what “they” will allow us to say).  We are strong in numbers.  Don’t give up.  Have hope.  Have faith.  We can still win and live like the human beings we were born to be.

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