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Have you ever heard the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?

or “…the teacher appears”? or “when the pupil is ready”?  Doesn’t matter, the message is the same.  The answers will come when and if you are ever ready for them.  Period.  You have no control over it.  It just is what it is.

   You see, if you are not in a mental, physical or spiritual place to receive the answer, it can appear right in front of your nose and you won’t even know it’s there.  Then all of a sudden, POOF, there is the answer you’ve been searching so hard for.  Why is that?  Because you weren’t obsessing over it.  You took a break from it.  You allowed to let life happen and unfold in a way that was meant for you. 

   You see, you have no control over people, places or things…or answers.  Yes, you can go fact checking on the internet for answers to stuff, but not answers to your stuff, your personal stuff.  It’s just not there.

   I use a god box when I am in search for answers for which not will come.  Not to my head, nor to my heart.  I let go and let God.

  Not a religious god, but a god of my own understanding over to which I’ve turned my will and my life.  It knows when I am ready for answers, empowerment, knowledge.  Not until then will I get them.  And if I never get them, that’s the way I believe it is meant to be.

   As a member of a 12 Step Fellowship, there are a few passages I use quite often to help me with answers.  These passages come from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, to which I am not an employee nor representative, but truly a firm believer that this program works for me.

   A Vision for You helps me to keep my side of the street clean, in other words, to the best I can with honesty and integrity.  Be available for my brothers and sisters and live as best I can right-sized, no better nor worse than anyone else.  Live without judgment.  Mind my own business.  Remain grateful.  Remain humble.

   The Promises really help me to stay out of ego, to live from my heart, or even my gut.  My intuition yells loudly at me now when I am doing, thinking, reacting in a way that doesn’t serve my highest good, in that impeccable, God-like, manner.

   I can now change all the perceived negativities in my life to perfect little positivities, life lessons, non-coincidental happenstances, to bring me to this place in my journey through life where I am now experiencing peace, contentment and serenity and never even knew I lacked.

   Yes, a Higher Power of Your Own Understanding is key.  The key to The Promises and The Visions for You.  If you haven’t a higher power, use mine.  I used El Capitan for the longest time.

  It has transitioned just as I have transitioned.  There is no right or wrong.  It’s all so individualized to each and everyone of us.  You’ll feel it.  It feels good.  And you don’t even have to go out searching for it.  The answers will come.

   If you would like to view this blog as a video on YouTube, please visit  Mahalo and enjoy.  With warmest aloha, Dee Harris