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Excerpts taken from The Mad Monk Manifesto:  A Prescription for Evolution, Revolution, and Global Awakening, by Monk Yun Rou, followed by excepts from my head and heart…Dee Harris

•Recreate the thousands of versions of ourselves that live inside our heads, each the result of our memories, experiences, and moods, and the outside forces acting upon us.  This reinvention represents a fantastic opportunity for rectification, making it right.

Dee:  Who are we anyway?  The thousands of versions of ourselves that live inside our heads?  Yes, that is who we are—our thoughts, our feelings—each a result of our memories,  experiences, moods, and outside forces.

•Intuition often senses underlying patterns, tendencies, and trends long before logic can find them.

Dee:  You see, we all feel our way through life far more than we realize.  We assume that we are thinking logically from one decision to the next, even about ourselves.  In reality, how we feel is much more dominant.  So go with your intuition—your gut feeling.

•Let’s stop wasting time on projects and pursuits of no true benefit to others or to ourselves.  Each moment of pleasure or pain deserves our pure attention.  After all, each moment is unique, arrives precisely on schedule and will never be seen again.

Dee:  Yes, there are no coincidences as to the timing of events that unfold in our lives.  When the student is ready, the Master appears to teach us, to guide us, to lead us to becoming better human beings.  Again, listen to your gut; that is where the Master appears.  Value each and every moment, interaction, experience and thought knowing that they came to you at this precise time for a reason.

•It turns out that if we wish to sweeten and deepen our everyday experience with new insights and sensations, we must set aside much of what we’ve been taught in school, read in books, and learned from our parents.  It’s tough to do this, because even though the rational, profit-based Western worldview not only threatens our very existence, it distracts us from ourselves and nature.  The price of this distraction is an inability to sense the subtle cycles and energies of our lives.  This is disastrous; those cycles offer beauty, insight and answers, too.

Dee:  A great insight and sensation is the realization that we can unlearn what we have been taught that does not serve our highest good, even that which came from our parents who were exposed to the same stuff, and, definitely, unlearn what we read in text books that we know today was not accurate.  Come on, open your eyes and realize that what we have been taught and exposed to is not all true; it is what “they” wanted us to learn and their brainwashing techniques have worked on many of us.  But they can be unlearned! 

•One of the most obvious social contracts we have is to tell the truth to ourselves and to each other.  Yet our system of laws and government discourages us from doing so.  In a dog-eat-dog capitalistic society, wherein competition rules instead of cooperation, the truth often puts us at a disadvantage.

Dee:  Did we not experience the fear thing from the get-go?  Busy being a child and scolded?  Not knowing the answer and ridiculed.  Learning to compare ourselves with others and could never live up to “our own” expectations for ourselves?  We’ll never be anyone in this capitalistic society, not smart enough, not back-stabby enough, not confident enough. 

Why?  Because we haven’t accepted ourselves as the gifts we are—in our own perfect grandeur with our own perfect gifts.  Mom and Dad might have told us that but, out in the real world, our peers made us feel less than.  We have to learn to be okay with who we are and what we have, for now, and know that we can better ourselves if that is what we choose.  We don’t need to compare ourselves with others; it’s unhealthy.  And we need to teach our kids how unhealthy that is.

Let’s say we want to speak our truth, but it goes against our dog-eat-dog capitalistic society, where competition rules instead of cooperation.  There lies the true disadvantage.  Fear.  Fear of what “they” can do to us if we cause waves, waves that go against their profit- and power-making schemes.  People who speak their truth, people like you and me, get hurt, go missing, even die when we go against the grain.  So what do we do?

•If rectification is about anything, it’s about being honest and clear with ourselves and others.

Dee:  A great freedom comes from rigorous honesty, not only with ourselves but with all others who enter our bubbles.  Then that energy you used to use to lie, pretend, cover up, can be used for bigger and better things.  Like loving yourself and those around you, like righting wrongs and trying to make the world a better place for future generations.  Use that energy in a compassionate and positive manner.  There is no need to rectify or make something right if you and the way you live is morally good.

•Why settle for anything in life that does not awaken us and gratify all our senses while we work for the betterment of the world?  Once we have food, shelter, and companionship, why engage in any other relationship, work, project, or pastime that does not completely and totally engage, involve, and reward us?  If we are only here once and this life is all there is, isn’t it time to stop listening to media messages about who we should be and instead concentrate on who we actually are?  Why pursue goals that benefit no one and fail to stir and ignite us?  Isn’t it time to find the virtually limitless energy available in our passions?  Rectification leads to this kind of focus and prioritization.

Dee:  Again, what should we do? how should we do it? if we are going up against our capitalistic society, those who truly are in charge of the world?  They have so much power and influence.  Who am I to try to remedy what I feel is wrong?  Bullshit.  If I don’t try, even in my insignificant way, like writing and posting this blog, then “they” win.  If enough of you out there feel the same passion I feel about certain injustices and we spoke out truths, eventually our messages and hopes will be heard around the planet, like ripples pleading through the oceans of despair.  Let’s not give up.  Let’s keep speaking our truths.  If nothing else, we can still give others optimism.

Thank you for being here.  With warmest aloha, Dee Harris