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Whales and Dolphins Stained Glass Panel Inspirational Hanging Made in Hawaii Deesigns by Harris

  • $295.00

Today, few creatures in the animal kingdom command the breathless awe and respect that whales and dolphins can. With its grace, intelligence, and seeming eagerness to entertain, both whale and dolphin captures the imagination and affection of almost everyone. I have designed stained glass pieces of art showing playful whales being protected by waves of Healing Hands for you to enjoy infinitely.

These pieces of art measure approximately 8.25" in diameter and weigh about 11 ounces. They are ready to hang and enjoy with simple care as well, a rag and some glass cleaner, if needed.

Why not bring the magic and grace of these playful and healing animals into your home today? These make great gifts as well and come gift wrapped free of charge!

I pride myself in my workmanship with nearly 40 years experience working with stained glass. I am here to please; if you're happy, I'm happy!  All of my art is Reiki-charged offering healing and empowerment.

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