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HAWAII STAINED GLASS Beveled Hawaii Slippers (Slippahs) Flip Flops. Sun Catcher. Made in Hawaii. Aloha.

  • $148.00

Why not bring the feel of Aloha and Hawaii into your home? Slippers are to Hawaii what apple pie is to America!

These slippers come in a pair, each made out of beveled glass, measuring about 4" x 7.5" each, weighing about 1.5 pounds together. They are attached together with a cord made from different colored lauhala leaves, which makes for easy and ready hanging, on a wall, in a window or free-hanging. When light shines through the bevels, the prisms throw beautiful rainbows all around. Again, what Hawaii is all about.

So what's keeping you from bringing a bit of Hawaii into your home today? They make great gifts as well! and come gift wrapped, free of charge!

I pride myself in my quality of workmanship with about 40 years experience. If you're happy, I'm happy. All of my art is Reiki-charged offering healing and empowerment.


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Mahalo and warmest aloha, Dee©

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