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Stained Glass Mosaic Inspirational Motivational Quotes Affirmations Art with a Message

  • $58.00

Sometimes we need subtle reminders to get us through everyday life. Reminders to love ourselves for just who we are, that everything is perfect at this moment. Yes, life is good and we are blessed. And you are perfect just as you are!

These round mosaics measures approximately 6.5" in diameter, weighing 5 to 8 ounces. They are ready to hang and get you centered and easy to clean with a rag and some glass cleaner, if necessary.

Why not have a fun reminder readily available to help you back into your happy place? Makes a great gift, too, and comes gift wrapped free of charge. What's stopping you from bringing one home today?

I pride myself in my workmanship with nearly 40 years experience working with stained glass. I am here to please; if you're happy, I'm happy! All of my art is Reiki-charged offering healing and empowerment!

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