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RECOVERY INSPIRATIONAL ART Stained Glass Mosaic Ornaments Affirmations

  • $30.00

Art with a message to brighten your day with these colorful round mosaics! Perfect affirmations to remind you of just what you need to remember at just the right love yourself just the way you are!

These Reiki-charged circular mixed-media mosaic ornaments are approximately 3" in diameter, weighing just over 1 ounce. They are ready to hang and enjoy, offering healing and empowerment.

So what's keeping you from bringing one home today? And what a great gift for that special person and comes gift wrapped, free of charge!

I pride myself in my workmanship with nearly 40 years experience working with stained glass. I am here to please; if you're happy, I'm happy!


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Mahalo and warmest aloha, Dee

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