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Orchid Bevel Stained Glass Panel "Beauty" Chinese Symbol Deesigns by Harris Made in Hawaii

  • $752.00

Orchids are graceful and elegant flowers with a simple and rare beauty! I have designed a simple panel with a peach-colored orchid bevel that you can enjoy forever, without watering or any care whatsoever. And to emphasize this simple beauty, I have painted the Chinese character for "beauty" in the upper right corner (the paint has been fired for longevity).

This inspirational stained glass panel measures 13" x 16", weighing approximately 3.25 pounds. Clear square bevels have been added to the panel's border; all borders throw colorful prisms throughout the room when light shines through them. To the back of the panel chain has been soldered making for easy hanging...and care is easy as well, with glass cleaner and a rag.

Not only is this panel beautiful, it holds simplicity and calmness. This piece makes a great gift as well and comes gift wrapped, free of charge!

I pride myself in my workmanship with nearly 40 years experience working with stained glass. I am here to please; if you're happy, I'm happy! All of my work is Reiki-charged offering healing and empowerment.

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