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Hummingbird Stained Glass Hanging Suncatcher Made in Hawaii Deesigns by Harris Free Gift Wrap

  • $156.00

The hummingbird is a symbol of all things good. Her iridescent colors shimmer in the breeze which is one of the reasons I am so drawn to her, as I am drawn to stained glass. So I designed a hummingbird stained glass hanging, or sun catcher if you will, showing off her colors to bring all things good to you. On some of the glass pieces I engraved some of the details of her beauty.

These pieces measure approximately 9.5" x 9" in an 8" diameter circlet. They each weigh about 9 ounces. They are ready to hang and enjoy, whether in a window or free-hanging with easy maintenance as well...a rag and some glass cleaner.

Why not bring home "all things good" and add color and brightness to your day? These also make awesome gifts, and come gift wrapped free of charge!

I pride myself on my workmanship with nearly 40 years working with stained glass.I pride myself in my workmanship with nearly 40 years experience working with stained glass. I am here to please; if you're happy, I'm happy! All of my art is Reiki-charged offering healing and empowerment.

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