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HAWAIIAN LAUHALA Coil BRACELETS. One-Size-Fits-All. Wrap-Around. Adjustable. Made in Hawaii. Hawaii Gifts. Hawaii Souvenirs. Pandanus Tree.

  • $41.00

Lauhala means leaves from the pandan tree, which I gather here in Hawaii, for you to enjoy in the form of a lauhala bracelet.  So much inspiration comes from Hawaii and her culture.  Lauhala weaving goes far back in Hawaiian culture and history.

I've made a change to the traditional lauhala bracelet by weaving the lau around wire and adding inspirational embellishments. This bracelet is all hand-made. The lau, a natural material, sometimes shows variations which adds to its beauty. Unlike the traditional lauhala bracelet, this is a wrap-around one-size-fits-all accessory which can be worn down around the wrist or all the way up your arm.

Why not accessorize your wardrobe with the beauty and simplicity of Hawaii? These bracelets also make great gifts and come gift wrapped, free of charge!


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Mahalo and warmest aloha, Dee


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