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   We are all unique and individual human beings.  We have all experienced different journeys, upbringings, cultures, interactions.  We can agree on that, right?  Your life and happenstances don’t make you better or worse than the next human being.  Just a human being that has experienced different thoughts and feelings.

   Best if we not force our thoughts and feelings on others.  Let’s share our opinions and be open to learning about those of our fellow human beings.  When all is said and done, we might not agree with the opinions of others.  Does that make their opinions wrong or worthless?  No.  Just as you wouldn’t want yours devalued.

   Let’s be open to learning from each other and respecting our differences of opinions.  Let’s keep the doors of opportunity open…humanely.  We are all on our individual journeys which bring us together in one way or another.  We need each other.  Our humanity and our planet needs us to get along and work together, peacefully.