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These words immediately bring to mind what it was like when I was active in my alcoholism.  I had no peace.  Everything was chaotic because my life, my every thought, revolved about taking the next drink, hiding the next drink, maintaining during my drinking, etc., etc.  With my world being only about alcohol, how could I ever find peace?

I found by working the 12 Steps in a recovery program that I lived in fear.  The how and the why were all uncovered as I shared my life with a trusted sponsor.  Together we were able to slowly let those fears go.  Icing on the cake, I no longer feel I must drink each and everyday.

One day at a time I gained clarity and an understanding of this disease I have.  I no longer have to live with guilt and shame.  I can finally be comfortable in my own skin.

As my world started to take on more positivity, not drinking, realizing what makes me tick, loving myself for who and what I am, came a whole new optimistic mind-set and way of living.  I finally feel the peace.

I steer away from drama and chaos; they don’t serve my well-being.  But when it comes, I’m ready with my tool box for living I was given in my recovery.  Life today is awesome.

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