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   We shall resist what doesn’t feel right to us.  The fight or flight reaction is within each and every one of us.  But as we mature we learn that some things are just not worth fighting for or fighting over.  Some things are out of our control and we must walk away in acceptance to save our sanity and keep our peace.

   We must realize that everything has been put into our lives for a reason—the reason being growth, knowledge and empowerment.  If we fight that, we miss the lesson.  Step back.  Get back in the moment.  Let your emotions cool down.

   When you’re cool and collected, think, feel, is that conversation, friendship, relation, attention, love worth forcing?  Why do you feel such resistance?  Perhaps because it wasn’t meant to be?  Can you be okay with that?  Is it worth disrupting the flow of your peaceful chi?

   If it crashes, it crashes.  If it flows, it flows.  It is what it is.