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by Dee Harris

   As I get older, I get wiser.  Perhaps because my kids are on their own now, perhaps because I have put in my time and am retired now, I have more time to step back, get in the moment and realize what is happening around me.

   I have been living in this Disney World of everything is peachy.  My life is good.  But being in lockdown due to the Covid pandemic has made me aware that there are so many variations of current events being publicized that I don’t know who or what to believe.  

   So I do my own research.  Finally.  I no longer take what I see and hear as gospel.  Things just aren’t making sense to me and there are so many takes on the same story.

   As I research I realize that so much more than what we are privy to is going on behind the scenes.  One big headline after another.  But are these distractions to veer us away from something we’re not meant to know?

   For me, I feel that a lot of what is happening has been in the works for many decades…and it’s not good.  However, I shall continue to do my research and speak my truth.  

   I encourage you to do the same.  The quality of your life depends on it.  The survival of humanity depends on it.  The health of our planet depends on it.

   But in the meantime, live in the moment and embrace this wonderful world in which we live.  Be positive.  Be optimistic.  Be hopeful.