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I hope you find yourself again, because when you do, you are going to love who you see.  Look beyond the flaws, under the pain, over the doubts, through the past, and into the potential.  You’re there, and you are wonderful.

You know, the real you has always remained in you.  It just got calloused over with thoughts and feelings about yourself that comes from living in a society that tells you you are never going to be good enough, make enough money, be pretty enough or find that perfect partner.

That’s a bunch of bullshit, don’t you think?  That we hear those hurtful kinds of comments and experience the bullying that makes us feel less than.  Why do people do that?  Especially our parents, teachers, friends and family?

Take a step back.  Pause.  Breathe. 

Now put yourself in their shoes.  Unless someone is perfect, I don’t want them judging me. 

But they do anyway.  Why?  Because THEY are the ones that feel less than and inferior.  They were never told what a unique gift they are

and what strong assets only they hold.

Thus, they bully and judge to make them feel superior rather than dealing with their own demons.

What I am saying is…don’t take it personally.  It is not about you.  It is about them.  When you see yourself in the mirror,

smile and tell yourself “I love you, just the way you are.  I’m proud of you for doing your best.  I’m proud of you that you didn’t lower yourself to their levels when they begrudged you.”

No, we’ll never be perfect

but we can learn to love ourselves for who and what we are.  We’ve all gone through pain and suffering on our journeys

through life.  Some of us are fortunate enough to turn the hardships into opportunities for growth.  They get to climb another rung on the ladder to greatness.  So can you!

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