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Strange, isn’t it?

You know yourself better than anyone else,

yet you crumble at the words of someone

who hasn’t even lived a second of your life.

Focus on your own voice,

it’s the only one that matters.


If we crumble at someone’s words and we know ourselves better than anyone else, then we must know that we are living in fear.  Fear of what others think and feel about us.  That their opinions of us mean more to us than our own.

Why would we value others’ opinions so much?  Could it be that we haven’t enough self-love and self-worth that it doesn’t matter what others think?  They haven’t lived a second of my life.  And you haven’t lived a second of theirs.

Know that harsh words coming from others probably do not reflect on you, but reflect on them.  It reflects how they feel about themselves.  They are on their own journeys.  You just happened to walk into their bubble at the moment of the battle of the words.  Don’t take it personally.  Don’t lower yourself to their level.  Pause.  Breathe.  Look at the whole picture.  Walk away if need be.  Be proud of your not lashing out reactively.

No more crumbling at harsh words.  You’re better than that.  You’re worthy.  You ROCK!

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