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There are two basic paths we take through life:  thinking and feeling.  Rational thought is highly prized in an age of science and technology, but in everyday life all kinds of feelings intervene.  This mixture can be confusing and needs to be straightened out if you want to make your way through life consciously, in  full awareness.



The path of thinking your way through life appeals to rationalists, but they are fooling themselves.  Feeling is always a part of every experience, every decision, every life choice.  We all feel our way through life far more than we realize.  We assume that we are thinking logically from one decision to the next.  In reality, how we feel is much more dominant.




You see, where do our thoughts come from anyway?  Are they not the results of feelings we received through experiences and interactions?  And don’t those thoughts become who we are and how we feel about ourselves?







Say you have a bad experience.  The professor made you look and feel stupid in front of your peers.  There was even laughter.  How did you feel?  (Audience participation)  If you felt stupid, less than, or inferior, did not that become a thought in your head?  Did not that thought influence the way you think and feel about yourself?  That would be your primary emotion.






Let’s say that you learned before taking this class that you should be proud of doing the best you can, on your journey through life.  Some days are better than others.  Some days your plate if fuller, even overflowing, than others.  But you do your best.







Now what are your thoughts?  I am not stupid, less than, or inferior.  I did my best considering what is happening in my life.  You don’t have to live in fear that the class or the teacher will laugh at you.  Hey, they’ve all been there, too.  They all have their journeys which brought them to that current place of putting you down.  Apparently, not very nice journeys.  That would be your secondary emotion.





Hold your head high.  Learn from this experience because all experiences, both “good” or “bad” happen for a reason, and that reason is to help you learn, to get better, and to grow.  Therefore, there  aren’t any “bad” experiences.







With thinking and feeling, try to keep both positive and optimistic.  Listen to your heart, your intuition, your gut.  Form your thoughts from these feelings.  Remember, your thoughts become who you are and wouldn’t you rather be an asset than a liability?  Reframe your negative thoughts.







Hey, and guess what?  If you don’t like the feeling you have, which became your thought, you don’t have to keep it.  Shed it.  Thank it for coming and throw it as far away from you as you can.  It doesn’t serve you.  This is called self-regulation.



In the end, learning how to feel your way through life offers the best hope of happiness and success.  Feeling occurs in the whole body-mind, which gives us a practical reason to unite body and mind rather than trying to keep them separate.  Your purpose is to love the person you are…your feelings, your thoughts, your YOU!!!