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   I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.  I believed in my dentist because he had a nice office and staff, all the fancy modern equipment, and a sign hanging over the door.  Until he recommended that I have my teeth pulled out.  Red flag!  Time for a second opinion.

   That did not mean this dentist wasn’t doing his best, I believe he was.  Just not as experienced or knowledgeable as older, more practiced dentists.  I didn’t pull all my teeth out.

   Until I started to do my own research, I believed what I saw on the news and read in periodicals.  Until I learned that each company who produces the news has their own agendas and their news swayed in that direction.

   They, too, are doing their best to look after their best interests, the success of their shareholders.

   All I’m saying here is not to believe everything you see and hear.  Do your own research.  Form your own opinions.  They will probably be different opinions than others because we are all on different journeys through life.  Not necessarily right or wrong…just different.

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