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Why would you hold yourself back from being human? 

Let’s let go of the fact that all we need all plants and animals on the planet to survive, but they don’t need us.  Yes, we are weak, frail and erring.  But we have brains that help us to realize how fallible we are, to see and feel our mistakes, and then we have the choice to make changes.

Being human is a good thing, especially if you hold the gift of compassion, kindness, understanding and sympathy.  Most of us do.  I’d say 99.9% of us do.  And, of course, there are bad apples in our species but we cannot let that .1% keep us from being proud of being a human.

So hold your head high.  Follow your heart with integrity and goodness.  Keep your high moral values and do your best. 

That’s all we humans can do.  We shall thrive…together!

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