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   Why did this quote call me? talk to my heart? stir something up in me?  Probably because today I am a work in progress; a work toward making progress but not worrying about perfection.

   Today I get to think before I speak or react.  Think it through.  Will I be sorry for what I am about to say or do.  Because I know my negative self-talk won’t let me live it down.  So I pause, I breathe, and consider how important it is for me to take action.

   If something or someone triggers me that is usually an indication of some sort of negativity.  Do I really need to lower myself to their level to prove myself?  Prove myself?  Why do I need to do that?  Because I am living in fear?  Fear that you may not think highly of me?  Accept me?  Am I not good enough?

   No.  Today I do not have to be triggered to prove myself to anyone.  As long as I know I am doing my best, that is all that matters.  My opinion of myself, today, means more to me than your opinion of me.

   I can now let my thoughts and feelings go.  Thank them for coming and teaching me what I needed to learn.  Andthen let them go.  And walk away.  Wow!  No drama.  No regrets.  No apologies to make.

   Later that night when I lay my head on my pillow, I can be thankful for practicing today with integrity and high moral standards.  Yes, I can even be proud of myself.

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