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HIBISCUS STAINED GLASS Hanging, Ornament. Made in Hawaii.

  • $33.00

In North America especially, a hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman. In Victorian times, giving a hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver's delicate beauty. In China, hibiscuses symbolize the fleeting and beauty of fame or personal glory. It is given to both men and women.

This stained-glass hibiscus ornament is approximately 3.25" x 3.25, weighing about 2 ounces. It is ready to hang with a cord attached to the soldered hook. Care is easy as well, glass cleaner and a rag.

So what's keeping you from bringing a bit of aloha into your home today. This would make an excellent gift as well, or attached to the bow on your gift wrapping or hung on the Christmas tree. Then it could be placed free-hanging or on a wall to be enjoyed year-round.

I pride myself on my workmanship with 40 years experience working with stained glass. If you're happy, I'm happy.


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Mahalo and warmest aloha, Dee

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