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Bring happiness into your home today! Damselflies are one of the symbols of happiness attributed to Feng Shui. Damselflies connect people with their environment in terms of energy flow and help one to balance the different types of energies in a given space, aiming to bring and seek harmony. Their symbolism also exemplifies the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest! You've just gotta bring prosperity, harmony and good luck into your home!

The damselflies measure approximately 5.5" x 3.5" and weigh about 2 ounces. They are ready to hang and enjoy in your garden or home with a chain soldered to a hook on the back of the flies. Care is easy as well...window cleaner and a rag!

These damselflies will add color and enjoyment to any room in your home as well as in your garden area as the bevels radiate rainbows of color all around when the light shines through them! And what great gifts they will make...and come gift-wrapped, free of charge!

So what's keeping you from bringing one home today and clearing away the poison arrows from your home?


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Mahalo and warmest aloha, Dee

You are why I’m here. Let me offer you just a little ray of hope and optimism to help you to even partially crack a smile. Then I have accomplished my mission. Love yourself for the awesome, perfect gift you are and know this moment in front of you is unfolding perfectly. We’re not alone on this journey through life. Together we can get rid of all the guilt and shame society has thrust upon us and live the lives and be the human beings we were meant to be!

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