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Day 1 - The Power of Hope Is Real

“The power of hope upon human exertion, and happiness, is wonderful.” – Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Hope in Uncertain Times. We know many of you are feeling uncertainty and confusion about what is happening in the world and what that means in your life. And uncertainty isn’t just present in world events; it can also appear personally in your relationships, your career, or any number of life circumstances. This Meditation Experience will show you how, by directing your attention within, you can find a real hope at the core of your being that will give you the strength, clarity, and purpose to navigate these turbulent times.

We are happy you are joining us to learn how to find and activate this deep hope in your heart. Over the next three weeks, we will explore and experience the power and the freedom that comes with living life from a place of unshakable hope.

In today’s meditation, we learn that uncertainty is not our enemy. We can embrace uncertainty from a place of inner security and harness its creative potential. Secondly, we discover that hope is activated through self-awareness. Our journey together will reveal that hope is not only a powerful center of security and guidance in life, it is our also our true nature, our essential being.


Deepak and I welcome you to a healing 21-day meditation experience.  In uncertain times many people are feeling a sense of disruption and discord in our world today.  And I know many of you are experiencing unease.  You may feel on edge or you may even feel your sense of hope faltering.

This 21-day meditation experience is created to help you move away from feeling overwhelmed to feeling a sense of strength and hope, to feeling your own strength, our united strength and hope.

Deepak and I are grateful you’re joining us.  We believe this mediation program is arriving at just the right time which is just how the Universe always works, for sure.  Deepak says, “Now more than ever hope can actually become our power source.  This meditation will teach us how to tap into that renewable resource and help us maintain it even through challenging events.”

Our first week will focus on awakening to the hope within each of us, in you, in understanding that the power of hope is not just rhetoric but it’s real.  It’s not just a wish on a wing on a prayer.  In week two we’re going to learn where hope can take you while tapping into inner strength, compassion, renewal, and living within the light that is all light.  And finally in week three we will explore how to take this sense of hope to the next level and inspire strength and promise in the people around you.

So welcome to Day 1…The Power of Hope is Real.  Hope has always been a guiding light in my life.  A light that’s never gone out.  Even in my darkest days.  As a child I lived with my grandmother on a farm in Mississippi.  We used an outhouse.  We had no running water and no electricity.  You would think a little girl in my circumstances wouldn’t have much hope for the future.  But for as far back as I can remember I always had an awareness, a connection to a positive force larger than myself.  I called it God.  And it was this internal knowing that gave me hope always, and continues to.  I do know in my heart that the positive force that is bigger than ourselves also lies within ourselves.

The goal of this meditation experience is to help you find that hope and to use it to help fuel your life forward.  No matter what you’re going through, a break-up, losing a job, a health issue, allow hope to be your guide.  Give yourself that.  Maya Angelou once wrote, “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space.  Invite one to stay.”  Let’s listen to Deepak on how hope is real and together let’s invite the vibration of hope to stay.


We’re often told that hope is a precious commodity to call on in difficult situations.  We hope for the best when someone is sick or in trouble.  But there is a deeper understanding to hope.  Hope can be a life-supporting force that gives us more control over how each day unfolds.

Most people don’t realize hope has enormous power.  It’s not enough to hope for the best.  We need hope to deal with the uncertainty of life.  Everyone knows at some level that life is always uncertain.  We all know the saying, “Change is the only constant in life.”  From this knowledge two paths emerge.  You can fear uncertainty and try to control every detail of your life.  That is the path of fear and anxiety which leads to a life of insecurity, low expectations, and limited fulfillment.  The other path is to embrace uncertainty for its creative potential, it’s ability to make life new everyday and the wisdom hidden behind seeming chaos.  If we take this path life becomes ever expanding with greater fulfillment and security, a strong sense of self, and a steady process of awakening going forward.  In that light hope becomes very different.  Instead of being a form of wish-fulfillment it becomes an intention the Universe carries out.

The purpose of this 21-day meditation experience is to ignite the power of hope, making it a real force in your life.  Is there an aspect of your life that you hope will get better, a job that has stopped being challenging, a relationship that is less fulfilling, or simply a nagging weight problem?  Have you been hoping these areas will get better?  Everyone does.  But a passive hope is not affective.  In fact it can turn into an excuse to do nothing.

Yet for others hope already has power.  They have taken the steps that make hope realistic and optimistic.  The power of hope comes from your self-awareness.  When hope is known and felt as your inner-being, your true-self, it transforms your life.

Our journey begins today and the first step is to ask yourself how hope is working for you right now.  Are you moving steadily in the direction at fulfilling your hopes and dreams?  Together we can discover the kind of hope that supports life from the very center of our being.

Centering Thought

Hope is my source of strength.

Sanskrit Mantra

Sheevo Hum

I am pure potentiality.


Most of my life has been lived without true hope.  I had kid hopes like wishing for a new bike or that I fit in.  It wasn’t until I was completely hopeless when I was hitting my bottom in the disease of alcoholism that “Experience, Strength and Hope” was introduced to me and started to take on new meaning.

If you’ve ever found yourself battling an addiction or an emotional or spiritual void, or even a physical struggle, you may have found yourself hoping or hopeless, or making deals with God.

I found myself there.  And praying to a God I knew nothing about to please help me not drink today, to remove this hangover, to help me remember what I did in that blackout.  This went on which seemed an eternity.  I was exhausted.  I could no longer play that game that everything was peachy when all I wanted to do and had to do was drink and hide and lie and pretend.

When I found myself in a 28-day treatment program, when I finally admitted I had a problem and couldn’t go on living the way that I was, that I need help!, then the doors opened up.  “When the student is ready, the master appears” is an affirmation I have hanging on my wall.  And it is so true.  When I finally succumbed and stopped battling my demons, I had hope.  I was gifted with a new way of life and a new mind-set.  Hey, if it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to my old ways, but for today I’ll give it a try.

I have learned so much about turning it over to a power greater than myself, a god of my own understanding.  The weight has been lifted and am finally comfortable in my own skin and have learned to like, and even love, myself for who and what I am!  And the beautiful thing is I didn’t have to do this alone; I couldn’t do this on my own.  And no one judged me; on the contrary, I was embraced with open and understanding arms with nothing asked in return.  Go figure.  This isn’t the way of the world.  Something for nothing.  Wrong!  Once I changed my mindset and outlook I have found that, indeed, it IS the way of the world.

So if you find yourself struggling with hope and self-love and purpose, know that you are not alone.  There are many of us on your side, willing to help you get through your battles and past your demons.  Suck it up and ask for help.  Do us a favor and ask us for help.  We’ve found our purpose and you are it!

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From Hope in Uncertain Times (Oprah & Deepak)

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