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Mindfulness is not a difficult task, or a practice that takes up too much of your day. Today we will discover that mindfulness is not a momentary state of being, not a time out of the day, but a state to be carried with you in everything you do, say and think.  Let’s look at how everyday activities, things you already do, can lead to the calm you seek.


   For some reason as soon as I am behind the wheel of the car driving from point A to point B, I pray for mindfulness.  Because I know myself.  Because I know my brain.  I am all over the planet thinking about what needs to be done, thinking about yesterday and tomorrow, about you and about me.  Thinking about everything except driving and this life-or-death excursion.

   So I pray to be mindful.  Pray to be respectful.  Pray to be in the moment.  And then I see it.  Experience it.  All the beauty that is in front of my nose.  The trees.  The road.  The people, who all have lives and stories and journeys.

   I am able to swerve out of the way of the driver coming from the opposite direction who turns in front of me.  My heart does not race.  I do not react.  I am not upset.  I am thankful.  For being in the moment.  I am alive.  And I make it to my destination on time.

   I try to carry this mindfulness with me throughout the day.  Yes, it goes away and then I must remind myself to get back in the moment.  I am no longer driving, but you and I meet.  My brain is again all over the planet.  I strive to make eye contact with you and give you the time and respect you deserve.  We were put into each other’s lives for a reason.  I must know that.  I must feel that.  I must learn from our coming together.  I know there are no coincidences.

Most of us spend some part of our day outside.  Observing the world around you with fresh eyes is one way to call forth peace.  Notice the wonders of nature, how the leaves on the trees change colors, fall, then reappear again in the springtime.  Listen more closely to the symphony of birds chirping happily as they go through their day.  Look into the happy faces of children on their way to school, or on an outing with their parents.


   What’s really magical, not to take away from all of nature’s beauty from majestic El Capitan in Yosemite to the teensy bug I can barely see, is to realize what is going on inside of our own bodies, without our consciousness , without our control.  Realizing that each cell within us has a purpose, to keep us strong and healthy and fit.  How magical is that?!!!

As you do your work, be thankful that someone is paying you for your talents and abilities. At the end of the day, be fully present with your family and/or friends. Really listen to what they are saying. When you view your surroundings in a new way, listen to your loved ones carefully, move and walk in gratitude, this is mindfulness in its essence. Commit to walk this path and every moment of your life will be far less stressful, much more peaceful and calm.


   I am so very blessed to wake up excited every morning to go to work, to be my own boss, to have purpose in what I do and be able to make a living at living my passion.  I was very hesitant to leave my comfort zone and steady paycheck and health benefits of 20 years to take an early retirement.  I am also very blessed to have found a Higher Power of My Own Understanding in Alcoholics Anonymous to which I can hand over my problems, dilemmas and worries.  Sleeping on these life issues and putting them in the God Box helps tremendously in remembering that I am not in control, just in the passenger seat as my god steers me through the life I am intended to live.  I listen to my heart, listen to suggestions, then God and I make choices together.

   I am slowly getting better at making eye contact, not just for the sake of making eye contact, but to really get in the moment and give that person my full attention and respect he deserves.  Again, there are no coincidences as to why that person was put before me.  I’ve gained such a wealth of human compassion, loving and caring from those who have entered my “Dee Bubble” to whom I have given my full attention, the message God drove me to while I was in the passenger seat.  Being mindful not only leads me to the calm I seek, but to the gift of human interaction…with YOU!

Let the words you’ve heard settle for a moment as we move into silence beyond the thoughts.  Find a comfortable place, preferably a straight-back chair.  All you need to do is breathe, feeling the inhale and exhale of each breath.  The steady rhythm of the breath calls us into the peace and calm we seek.

As thoughts cross your mind, and they will, simply accept them and let them pass, like clouds across a blue sky.  Notice any place in your body where you feel tense and just breathe it out.  As you follow your breath repeat to yourself silently, “I am mindful in everything I do.  I am mindful in everything I do.”

Inhale deeply.  Hold for 3 seconds.  Hold.  Two.  Three.  Exhale fully for 5 seconds…two…three…four…five.  Inhale…two…three.  Exhale…two…three…four…five.  Let us begin.

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