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“Honu, I’ve Got Your Back”, artist Dee Harris

   Behold the turtle, who makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.  To stay in our comfort zone is to be ruled by fear.  Fearful, we shrink inexorably into death rather than expand confidently into life.  Move forward with consideration, in a relaxed fashion, and with an eye towards what is most important.  Don’t believe negative talk.  Accept no internally-generated limitations and, while you’re at it, donate to turtle conservation projects.  There is a reason so very many cultures depict turtles as supporting the world.  These creatures are the quintessence of steadfastness, patience, and endurance.  They have survived hundreds of millions of years, but just a few short decades of exploitation by human beings have led them to suffer the dubious distinction of being the most highly endangered group of vertebrates on Earth.

From The Mad Monk Manifesto:  A Prescription for Evolution, Revolution, and Global Awakening, by Monk Yun Rou

   Just how far do I stick my head out?  Yes, the fear is there, within me, but I must have faith.  But the powers that be frighten me enough to keep my mouth shut.  You know, the powers that be who made Epstein keep his mouth shut.

   But I cannot be ruled by fear.  I shall not shrink inexorably, in a way that is impossible to stop or prevent, into death rather than expand confidently into life.  I shall move forward and close the door on my negative self-talk.  That only came from “them” too.  From the society that introduced fear into our beings.  So here I sit…sharing MY truth.

   Move forward with consideration, in a relaxed fashion, baby steps doing the best I can at this moment, with an eye towards what is most important—TRUTH!

   Too many mixed messages regarding this virus.  Nothing makes sense anymore.  Who do we believe?  The virus is real.  Introduced to cause this pandemic? isolation? the collapse of our economy?  Unfortunately, that is my belief and I so honor yours.  Your right to stick your neck out of your shell.

   As we are in lock down, 5G is becoming more omnipresent and ominous.  Yes, I’m a believer that 5G is going to take many of us down.  If our oxygen cells cannot adhere to our hemoglobin, we die.  I believe that will happen, is happening, with this pandemic.  For many of us to suffer and die all in the name of technology is bullshit.  Who needs driverless cars and all this technology that will kill us off?  Driverless cars with no one in them?  Crazy.

   Yes, the strong will survive in their wealth and with their power.  We who are older or not in optimum health will be eradicated.  The world will be strong in its technological glory.  The wars will not be fought on the battle ground but in the Van Allen Belt of satellite dishes.

   I’m so glad to have grown up before this time of cosmic radiation surrounding our planet.  I’m so glad to have seen, talked to, marveled at, and swam with the turtles.  Future generations won’t have that gift.

   Please, don’t believe any of what I’ve just written.  Do your own research.  Let me know what you’ve discovered.  Everyday I am excited to learn more. 

   With the healing, nurturing and aloha of Hawaii, Dee Harris

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