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   If we remained right-sized, knowing that we are no better nor worse than anyone else, we shall never have to bring anybody down.  Down to where?  We’re all equal.  We all at the same height, so to speak.

   However, not everyone is right-sized.  Many do believe they are better than us in the grandiose way.  Let it go.  They are on their own journeys.  Maybe one day they’ll figure it out.  Not our business.

   You see, everyone is on their own journeys.  We’ve not walked in their shoes or experienced the life to which they’ve been exposed.  We have not lived with their families, nor the families that raised their parents or grandparents.  We are all unique.  We are all on our own journeys.

   Because of this mindset, when someone enters our bubbles in that “I’m better than you” manner, cuts us down, brings us down, we needn’t lower ourselves to their level, the level they are perfectly at at this moment.

   So as I re-read this quote again from Buddha’s Teaching indicating that whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you, I don’t take that literally manning I am better.  I am not.  I’m just in a different place on my journey through life where I strive to stay connected to my Higher Power, that Power Greater Than Me, over to whom I’ve turned my will and my life.

   No better.  No worse.  No need to react in a way that doesn’t serve my highest good when someone tries to cut me down.  Compassion and killing with kindness offers a greater alternative.

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