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   We haven’t any control over people, places or things, only our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  That’s what makes us who we are, right?  So when you’re feeling anxious or agitated at this present moment, change your mindset to accept it, surrender to it, as if you had chosen it.

   Everything happens for a reason, right, whether we like it or want it.  So what’s the message?  A God-shot?  A non-coincidental occurrence brought to us, gifted to us, for a purpose?  A purpose for learning and growing and becoming empowered for greatness? and to share this empowerment with those who enter our bubbles who may be experiencing similar circumstances?

   So work with the flow of your life, not against it.  Change your mindset from drama and chaos to welcoming this new opportunity to better yourself.  Each event in your life is your friend and ally, not your enemy.

   Notice the transformation in your life as you practice acceptance.