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   Where are we when we’re in judgment?  Are we living from our hearts or from our heads?  And where are we when we’re in our heads?  Are we in control?  Are we better than?  Are we in judgment where no longer is everyone on this planet equal, with unique gifts that not everyone has?

   Let’s do our best, that’s all we can do, to keep the playing field even, the scale balanced, because we are all equals.  No one is better or worse than anyone else.  Yes, I might have a unique gift that you don’t have, but you have one that I don’t, thus we’re still even-Steven.

   But there lies the problem.  Keeping everything even-Steven, or your plate just a little fuller than Steven’s.  It’s that competition that we somehow, somewhere picked up as we veered out into the real world.  Mine, mine, mine.  My toy!  Don’t touch it!  Right?

   Our parents tried their best with the cards they’d been dealt to teach us to share.  And we did.  But society kept throwing our way that more is better…more money, more power, more fun, good looks, smarts, yeah?  Then all of a sudden we didn’t feel we fit in.  We often felt less than, even victimized.

   Looking back, the experiences and interactions formed who we are today just perfectly.  If we take those, learn from them, and throw away the ones that don’t serve our highest good, the one’s that don’t represent the way we want to be and feel about ourselves.

   And out the door goes self-judgment.  That negative self-talk that has taken over your head, your thoughts about yourself, when you felt you would never be good enough or fit in.  That imposter syndrome that whips you down and makes you value what others think about you more than what you think about yourself.

   Gots ta let that go.  With only x amount of energy, why waste a single drop on negativity?  Use all you’ve got for positivity, to be the best you can be, not perfect, just the best you can be.  And when that happens, all of a sudden those around you, who come into your bubble, become more important than you.  You begin to give the mindfulness, respect, and compassion to them as if your life depended on it.  It does.  It makes you feel good in your own skin.  It keeps your negative self-talk quiet.  You now have self-worth.

   As you continue on your journey, that which we’ll call life, remember to get right-sized when judgment enters your brain.  You’re no better or worse than the next person.  We’re on on this ride together and we all need each other.  Best to make sure as many others are in tip top shape to continue on the ride.

   When they need help, be there.  Don’t deprive yourself of the gift of giving.  And when you need help, don’t deprive others of the gift of giving.  That’s how the game is played.  There are no losers.  We are all winners.

   If you would like to view this blog as a video on YouTube, please visit  Mahalo and enjoy.  With much aloha, Dee Harris