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2020 –  Dark or Light?

by Dee Harris

   Why would I create a mosaic that seems so dark and dismal?

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly…    Antoine de Saint Exupery

   If we look at the world through suspicious or angry eyes, we’ll find a world that mirrors our expectations — a world where tension will mount, arguments will abound, strife will be present where none need be.  However, our experiences in some manner bless us, and we’ll recognize that if we look upon them with gratitude.  Everything in our path is meant for our good and we’ll see the good when our hearts act as the eyes for our minds.

   When we see with our hearts, our responses to the turmoil around us, the fighting children, the traffic snarls, the angry lovers, will be soft acceptance.  When our hearts guide the action we can accept those things we cannot change, and change those we can.  And the heart, as the seat of all wisdom, will always know the difference.

   Much has changed in 2020.  Many of us have had nothing but time in lock down to open our eyes and question what we see.  I have always tried to see the glass half full, to see and live with optimism, to know that there are no coincidences of that which is put on my plate, in my bubble, on a daily basis.  Thus these sentences touched my heart, “However, our experiences in some manner bless us, and we’ll recognize that if we look upon them with gratitude.  Everything in our path is meant for our good and we’ll see the good when our hearts act as the eyes for our minds.”

   The lockdown has afforded me time to question what I see and hear.  One door closes, then another opens, as I research.  Again, no coincidences.  I don’t question it.  I learn.  I grow.  I form opinions.  I look at everything that enters my bubble as an experience for growth, rather than an obstacle.

   As a stained glass artist for over forty years, I felt called to create a piece representing what I’ve learned thus far in 2020.  “Whoa!  There’s a lot of darkness in this piece, Dee,” you might say.  Indeed, there is a lot of darkness in the world, but way more light.  “What is your intention by creating this piece”?

   I set my intention on healing, love and light and compassion and empathy.  I throw light on it through prayer, meditation and intention.  I see it.  I focus on it.  And now I’m going to intend as much light on to it as I can.

   I begin to start to recognize when I focus on something what am I intending for that focus?  Am I just looking at it and getting angry and upset and fighting and arguing and blaming?  Or am I focusing on it and intending, stepping beyond divide, beyond right and wrong, and emanate light and love and peace to that consciousness, to that experience?

   Where you put your intention and focus light goes to.  Can you assist in clearing it?  Visualize light surrounding it.

   What are you focusing on?  What are you intending when you focus?  And how often throughout your now moments can you focus on and intend light, love, peace, freedom, unity, instead of anger, rage, divide, right, wrong, good, bad?  Shift the consciousness.

   Let’s start with our president.  President Trump is a president like none we’ve ever had before.  I believe he got elected because we felt we needed a change.  And change we got.  He has his own presence.  A presence that repulses many people.  Repulses people so much that they hate him.  These emotions, I’m afraid, would cause them to vote for Charlie Manson before they would stoop as low as to vote for Donald Trump.

   One of the first experiences that brought me to question things was his constant mentioning of fake news.  With that came this…Mosaic 2020.

   In my research I discovered that the news is, indeed, fake.  The news stations are privately owned by folks who have their own agendas — agendas that may not have “We, The People” as a priority.  Same with social media venues.  Are these not the places most of us go to keep abreast with current events?  I realize that the news we are being fed may not necessarily be the truth (this is an understatement), but that which is biased to fit the agendas of the owners and stock holders.  Their right.  Their kuleana.  Many of us have already been brainwashed into believing what they see and hear (by the way, the brainwashing began the day we left Mom’s womb).

   My research takes me a step further to our government and those who represent us, many of whom have their own agendas and biases as well.  I am one who is fighting for term limits of our government officials.  “Why?,” you ask.  Because I believe the longer a person is in office, the more this official becomes a puppet for whoever funded his/her campaign or is filling his coffers.  Many of these puppet government officials no longer have “We, The People” as their priority; they belong to the puppet masters, no matter if they were sworn in, hand on Bible, to represent “We, The People.”

   Hey, kids, remember these are my opinions from the journey of experiences and interactions I receive on a daily basis…life.  Remember the quote above from Accept How You Feel?  “You’ve got to accept and claim responsibility for what this situation has awakened in you.”

   I believe most of news and social media is biased and a few of our politicians are bought off.  But there are still a heap of honest folk out there, like you and me, who live with integrity and kindness.  We way outnumber those who don’t.  Remember that.

   Another thing to keep in mind is that corruption isn’t just an American malady; it is global.  The puppet masters’ agendas are global.  No matter who wins this election they will still be moving forward with their plans.  It would just be easier for them if a Democratic who is already more of a puppet wins (my speculation; please form your own).

   As I delve into the realm of fake news I run across many disturbing stories.  Stories I have heard before but have failed to hear about on main stream media.  Remember, if it does not serve their agendas, it will not be aired.  Owners and stock holders will make sure of that.

   I won’t go into detail about these disturbances.  I shall rely on you to do your own research.  That’s how we learn.  If/When you’re interested or curious, there are plenty of stories out there.  Oh, yeah, Google, Wikipedia, and fact checkers can be biased as well, as they all have their own agendas…and the agenda is money and power and not necessarily the truth.

   Spend some time researching child and sex trafficking [(1) on mosaic], including Planned Parenthood (and Bill Gates’ involvement).  Research Adrenochrome [(2) on mosaic] and the horrid acts done to children in order to acquire it.  Everyone in Hollywood knows about Adrenochrome.  It is the fountain of youth for those who can afford it and can somehow “morally” use this product without fear of burning in hell.  My mosaic has a bottle of nail polish, a curling iron, and a hair dryer in the Hollywood area (3) to indicate how vital vanity and ego can be.

   Why do we not hear about the staggering number of children who go missing every year in our country and globally?  The numbers in your research will vary dramatically, depending on the source you use and what their agenda is.  We are to be side-tracked with some lame story about Russian collusion to veer us away from what they don’t want us to know…what is really going on.

   While you’re surfing the net, do some research about sex trafficking (4) in the U.S. and abroad.  Jeffrey Epstein was just a drop in the bucket of a cabal of global sickos who have seeped into every corner of our planet.

   My mosaic has kids hanging (5) from one of the high-frequency radio airwaves from the 5G tower.  “Why would you put this in your mosaic, Dee?” you ask.  Well, why would Tony Podesta (one of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, involved in the Pizzagate scandal that Wikipedia claims is a debunked conspiracy theory; DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH about Pizzagate) spend heaps of money for this art of tortured kids in Gloria Vanderbilt’s pool (by the way, television journalist, Anderson Cooper, is Gloria’s son)?  Because main stream and social media won’t provide these stories to us, I have added this horrendous atrocity to my mosaic of what I’ve learned this year.    

   This is a depiction of children waiting in the Vanderbilt pool.  Notice the “red shoes”.  Red shoes are symbols that pedophiles use to show other pedophiles that they are part of the club.  The red shoes are leather made from the skin of children ritualistically sacrificed.  Notice their bruised hands and the tight grip of the girl in the center.  Amusing, huh?

   These people make billions every year selling, torturing, and killing children.  They launder their moneys, and eat real meat.   Oh, yeah.  Be aware that we shall be experiencing a food shortage soon.  You will want to do anything…and I mean anything…in order to feed yourselves and your families.  When you do, congratulations, you have walked right into their web.  But don’t worry, Bill Gates is genetically engineering fake meat.  How convenient.

   What about vaccines (6)?  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. devotes his life to this subject.  Check him out BEFORE you get the Covid vaccine.  And how many have to die or suffer adverse affects of vaccines that are not tested?  We cannot even sue the pharmaceutical companies, one of the strongest puppet masters, when our children are autistic or suffer a variety of other disabilities.  Only in America.  But we use children in third world countries as our guinea pigs.  Wouldn’t you volunteer your child for a vaccine if it put food on the table or a roof over your head?  My mosaic shows a syringe injected into Mother Earth as the children jump off “GO” to the safety of the unknown (better than the alternative).

   2020 has brought the most devastating fires to the west coast of the United States this year making 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California’s modern history (7).  8,500 fires burning over 4,267,386 acres.

   With shootings of our black citizens (8), we have experienced many Black Lives Matter protests and defund the police protests (9).  So much civil unrest this year (research George Soros and his history and how he plays into these protests and so much more).

   We’re not hearing much about 5G anymore (1).  I feel 5G is of critical importance to our health, or shall I say the lack thereof?  We just don’t know, as with vaccines.  Our “we want it and we want it now” mentality is selfish, to say the least.  Concerns over Chinese involvement in 5G wireless networks stem from allegations that cellular network equipment sourced from Chinese vendors may contain backdoors enabling surveillance by the Chinese government (as part of its intelligence activity internationally).  And then there is Artificial intelligence (AI) which I’ll speak of next photo.  For those who opt out of 5G and its electromagnetic waves of radiation (2), good luck finding a place on the planet that is unaffected.

   The “No Evils” — See no evil.  Speak no evil.  Hear no evil.  Sirens, if you like, as sirens lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of their songs.  These Sirens provide you with the sweetness of wads of cash which will buy you mountains of power (1).  And facial recognition using artificial intelligence (2) will not only be able to improve medical diagnoses, determine best treatment plans for specific patients, and predict post-operative complications to enable early interventions, but it will make your location and activities known at every minute of everyday.  How sweet is that, in case you get lost sneaking past 5 miles from your home?  Aahhh, and the wonderful masks (3) that have drawn so much controversy during our Covid pandemic.  Maybe we should wear five at a time.

   I’m sorry if this sounds so dark and negative; that would be your mindset.  I am grateful for learning about these events that my path has crossed.  I used to be too busy with life to delve deeper than mainstream news.  That was my journey then.  This is my journey now.  Being a sponge to learn as much as I can about as much as I can.  I, quite frankly, find learning exciting, albeit what I learn is, indeed, often dark.

   Yes, we have bad apples in our government, in our world, in our police force, in our neighborhoods, in our hospitals, still seeking the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  But I cannot stress enough that the majority of us are still upstanding, law-abiding folks.  And, again, we WAY outnumber the bad apples.

   Today I set my intention on healing, love and light and compassion and empathy.  I throw light on it through prayer, meditation and intention.  I see it.  I focus on it.  I share it.  And now I’m going to intend as much light on to it as I can.