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You!!!  You are why I am here.  You are my purpose, my intention, my fire.  To ignite LOVE YOURSELF is my goal.  From self-love we evolve into a new phase, LOVE EACH OTHER, for without each other we cannot do this thing called life.  Then comes LOVE OUR PLANET, this place we all call home that we are all borrowing from our children for just a short time. 

Deesigns by Harris, Art and Words to Inspire You, will enhance your life by offering you hope, optimism, healing and laughter.  Reminders to love yourself for the perfect gift that you are through my art, writing and videos, knowing that this moment is unfolding just the way it is supposed to.  We are not alone on this journey through life.  Together we can rid ourselves of all the guilt and shame society has thrust upon us and live the lives and be the human beings we were created to be!


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